Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Boston Legal



The Boston law firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt deals in the often high-priced world of civil litigation, where smarmy Alan Shore feels at home. Loose cannon Denny Crane has the run of the place, while other members of the firm try - with often dismal results - to keep him in check.


Episode 1 and 2

Rhona Mitra
Crazy funny. William Shatner is off the hook.  Seriously how comes I missed this legal comedy/drama? William  Shatner is Denny Crane founding partner of a civil law firm.
It's crazy unpredictable, its funny, its just the most well  written law drama for years.

So in the first Law meeting a founding partner goes crazy from stress, after walking into the office without his trousers. And a little black girl wins her part, part time as Annie.

Later on the plot thickens. There are good lawyers that do not overpower the episodes. The woman are just subtle sexy. Seriously hot sexy. So if you like blondes read heads , smoking babes with brains we have it all here.

Careful all foot fetish orientated persons when watching episode 2. Just going to leave that one out there.


Episode 3

Monica Potter
You will not believe how funnier this is getting, and not in a bad way. 
The purse snatching.
Sexual harassment case
Danny Crane's son 
I won't spoil it.
Heading back to watch more.